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We are a software development house with international marketing solutions.


Early Stage Tech Build Outs

Our applications are built from scratch ensuring seamless integration with existing environments and systems.

Go To Market Accelerator

Sales, Marketing and Technology experts with established marketing infrastructure. Our capabilities are used by the world's most successful companies. By reducing the time it takes to go to market, MyMedia’s Go To Market Accelerator enables customers to scale with a competitive price structure.

Legacy Application Redesign

We redesign outdated systems, enhance their code, migrate applications to newer platforms, and review their architectures to give them a new lease life.

Platform Product Customisation

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and components, we create software with an optimal set of custom features.



DevCasa is a platform with CTO-grade technical leads, software developers and quality assurance managers managed by MyMedia. Our 1:2:3 framework guarantees 100% redundancy, making sure you are never left without the resources needed to support your business applications.

Why DevCasa?

Good developers are hard to find, and much harder to keep. A common pitfall to outsourcing software projects is continuity. When a key resource in your development team departs or is too busy to provide the response times you expect, your entire project is at risk.

DevCasa 1:2:3 is a software development and knowledge transfer framework, developed by MyMedia. We’ve gained key insights to understand how a software project should be built and maintained.

Our capabilities:

  • Documentation creation and maintenance
  • Software development vetting, staffing and management
  • Knowledge transfer to a pool of software programmers
  • Project management
  • 1

    Technical Lead

    We provide CTO-grade technical leads to capture and document the project requirements.

  • 2

    QA Masters

    We assign two quality assurance experts who will work with you from testing to the final delivery.

  • 3


    We will assign three software developers at all times to gain knowledge of your software application to maintain 100% redundancy for your application.


MM/ventures is a growth-led sales and marketing solution. We work alongside entrepreneurs and small teams of innovators in large organizations.

Why MM/ventures?

We’ve got a great idea, we’re a great team, we have the cash to invest into our idea, let’s go!

Then the real work starts. To launch a new product or tech business is a HUGE deal for everyone involved. Over the past 20 years, MyMedia has been privileged to have collaborated with entrepreneurs around the globe. Without question, every entrepreneur we’ve worked with has ambitious plans, tight timelines and the skill of functioning on very little sleep.

MyMedia brings business, technical and marketing skills to our clients' ventures. We found that our contributions to our clients’ early stage tech businesses were just the tip of the iceberg. Our collaboration continued to later stages of the company’s maturity by giving leadership teams access to John Sreetharan and Hernan Varela.

MM/ventures is a partnership opportunity to work with MyMedia to strengthen your sales and marketing capabilities, fast. See our latest ventures here or book a meeting to discuss your latest venture.

When is the right time to partner with MM/ventures?

Now is the right time.

We typically work with well funded organizations, who seek talent, infrastructure with ambitions to grow.

Our capabilities:

  • Marketing for scale
  • Sales strategy for scale
  • Audience optimization
  • Global marketing implementation
  • Sales management
  • Sales, Marketing and Software development staffing (full-time equivalents)
  • Project management
  • Team management

Value Chain Optimization

MyMedia Value Chain Optimization will improve your marketing investments leveraging the most accurate predictive analytics in the industry.

Why optimize?

We’ve got a great idea, we’re a great team, we have the cash to invest into our idea, let’s go!As companies move from growth to late stage, we typically identify opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness between 10% and 20%. We achieve this by optimizing marketing investments online and offline to increase revenue, gross profit and RoI.


“ MyMedia is a real extension to my sales team, working with John and the team allows us to hit the ground running every month. ”

Andrew Sarnoff - Senior Sales Director

“ MyMedia is the perfect partner who helped me grow my book of business in a new market. They always have me covered. Their services speed up my time to market by an order of magnitude. ”

David Brill - Director, Strategic Accounts

“ We have some crazy tight deadlines. MyMedia always goes the extra mile to deliver. I love working with them. ”

Tori Balkin - Event Marketing

“ John and Hernan guided me through MatchPint!’s tech build out. Without their help, I don’t know where I’d be. ”

Leo MacLeHose - CEO, MatchPint!

“ I’ve worked with John and the team for close to a decade. We still continue to innovate today. MyMedia is unlike any partner we have worked with. ”

Anna Allen - Global Brand Marketing, TransPerfect