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TransPerfect knows how to translate the world's most successful companies to support growth globally. MyMedia is integral to TransPerfect’s marketing operation worldwide

Language Services
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TransPerfect Campaigns, a custom built marketing automation system including email, direct mail, content management and target audience mapping.

Who is TransPerfect

TransPerfect are the largest privately owned language services and technology solutions for global business serving the most successful companies in the world.

The challenge

TransPerfect has a sales and marketing team of over 600 people globally in over 100 locations. Coordinating sales and marketing efforts in over 100 locations requires lean, scalable technology and a robust international marketing solution. Which is what MyMedia do, very well.

DevCasa solution

We designed, built and operated TransPerfect’s marketing capabilities from MyMedia hubs in the UK, US, China and Argentina. The solution includes a custom sales and marketing platform providing outreach capabilities for over 600 salespeople and marketing implementation to 20 marketeers. Our services are used by TransPerfect to target over 4 million buyers using MyMedia’s lead generation and client engagement services. TransPerfect uses MyMedia’s Go To Market Accelerator Solution. To book a meeting you can contact us here.