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Nestlé is the largest food company in the world with operations in 190 countries

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Who is Nestlé

Nestlé is the largest food company in the world with operations in 190 countries.

The challenge

In order to start selling a large variety of product lines, Nestlé launched several Shopify stores as well as their MercadoLibre brand store (MercadoLibre is the largest marketplace in LATAM). Nestlé uses SAP in order to manage their product inventory and sku different prices. Having several stores in different platforms, Nestlé needs a solution to manage their products' inventory, as well as product prices across all ecommerce channels. Nestlé also has several delivery couriers so each sale should be immediately updated with the corresponding courier information to track and trace all product distribution.

DevCasa solution

MyMedia DevCasa flipped our Early Stage Tech Build Out services, typically used by entrepreneurs for a team of Nestlé entrepreneurs. MyMedia developed a middleware system to host all SAP information that is being centralized and dispatched to each corresponding store. The middleware collects information from the stores (sales, contact details, etc) then sends it to Nestle SAP, in order to quickly process and honor each online sale. Thanks to this solution, all manual processes were automated, allowing Nestlé to start processing and delivering thousands of same-day orders.

Nestlé used MyMedia DevCasa Early Stage Tech Build Out services. To book a meeting you can contact us here.